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You continuously monitor, analyze, and evaluate the performance of major process equipment to achieve plant efficiency and to fully use capacity.

INTUNE+ assists by holistically monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the complete control assets of your plant, including instrumentation, controller tuning, final element health, and effectiveness of the control strategy.

Quickly Locate Poor Performance

Increased Capacity
"Operators observed a reduction in fluctuations in our separation process. This translates to 4% of increased capacity per year."
- Corporate Engineer,
  Food & Beverage

Control System Performance
Multi-industry loop audit survey reported that only 32% of plant control loops have acceptable or excellent performance. This leaves significant room for improvement plant-wide. Source: "Increasing Customer Value of Industrial Control Performance Monitoring." Proceedings of Sixth Annual Conference on Chemical Process Control, AIChE Symposium Series

Analyze Root Cause

Faster Startup
"Before and After test data showed a 1-hour reduction in start-up time from better tuning that provided more stable control earlier in the process."
- I&C Engineer,
  Food & Beverage

Prioritize Effort to
Improve Performance


Predictive Maintenance
Based on results from over 500 plants worldwide in many industries that have used predictive maintenance schemes for 3 years, maintenance costs were reduced by 50-80%. Source: "Beyond Mere Measurement," INTECH Magazine

INTUNE+ is a key part of making sure the control system, control strategy, and final elements are doing their part.

Identify Main Contributors
to Poor Performance


Variation Reduction
"Our system has been running very smoothly. Temperature fluctuations are minimal, usually within +/- 1°C. This has been a vast improvement over the previous operations."
- Pilot Plant Manager,
  Food & Beverage

Improved Stability
"It has been proven to be a great aid. Without INTUNE+ it would have been impossible to get the control as stable as we did. This success has made INTUNE+ a valued tool for improving plant operations. Better control is the result."
- Principal Engineer,

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