Dryer and Moisture Control

ControlSoft Has a Simplified Moisture Control Strategy

ControlSoft's MANTRA Advanced Process Control Software (APC) is designed to handle the most difficult moisture control situations, such as

  • When a dryer consists of multiple burners
  • When the speed of a belt changes due to production requirements
  • When water content of feed stock changes from batch to batch
  • Where moisture is usually measured at the end of the dryer or oven, but with no on-line measurements

ControlSoft's application note, AN314, uses the example of a multiple-zone oven to show how decoupling the variables in the control loop can compensate for interactions that produce errors. The implemented Coordinated Controller (CC) block rejects any disturbances to the process and optimizes the controller outputs during steady state control. AN314 also includes a block diagram showing how a simplified moisture control strategy can be implemented in Mantra Advanced Process Control software.

MANTRA Coordinated Controller
Figure 1 – MANTRA Coordinated Controller (CC) Results for a Moisture Application

Benefits of MANTRA's APC for Moisture Applications

ControlSoft solutions featuring MANTRA APC technology can increase the profitability of your process.

  • Improve moisture control in your application (better efficiency)
  • Improve product quality and consistency (higher percentage of on-spec product), and
  • Reduce energy and material waste (save $$$)
  • Maintain your existing hardware and wiring.

ControlSoft's solutions featuring MANTRA APC technology can increase the profitability of your process with no replacement of existing hardware or wiring required.

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AN 314 Simplified Moisture Control Strategy
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