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The Application Notes are examples of implementation of ControlSoft Inc.'s technology in the Process Industries. Our monthly emails provide answers to topics of general interest and solutions to difficult control problems. Technical Papers are published articles providing additional details on the applications or technology. We'll be happy to send you a copy of one or more of these documents and to add you to the list of future emails of this nature. Let us know if you are looking for a solution to a process control question.

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Advanced Techniques
TECH 05-12 A response and comments on the article "The case against Lambda tuning"
TECH 06 MPC Helps to Regulate Slow Processes - Robust Barrel Temperature Control
AN322 MANTRA—Model Predictive Control for Autoclaves
EM03-11-03 MANTRA—Turbine Control—Garbage In, Power Out
EM07-16-03 MANTRA—Faulty Analyzer Readings
EM11-17-03 MANTRA—Improving Batch Reactor Heat Transfer
EM02-20-04 MANTRA—Solves Problems with Override Control Loops
TECH 01 Add Efficiency with Multivariable Control
TECH 03 Module Multivariable Control Improves Hydrocracking
TECH 04 Module Multivariable Control of a Fractionator
TECH 07 Multivariable Control Technologies
TECH 09 Powerful Process Control Package Bridges Gap Between PC-PLC and DCS Platforms
Chemical Reactors
AN305 MANTRA for Batch Reactor Control of Specialty Chemicals
AN313 MANTRA for Batch Control Using Sequence Block Diagram
AN316 MANTRA for Batch Reactor Heat Transfer Application
Dryers and Moisture
AN314 MANTRA for Simplified Moisture Control Strategy
Extrusion and Injection Molding
AN312 MANTRA TCM for Extrusion Control
EM04-09-02 MANTRA—Simplifying Extrusion Barrel Temperature Control
EM08-08-05 MANTRA—Squeeze $1 Million Per Year Out of Your Extruder Operations
TECH 06 MPC Helps to Regulate Slow Processes - Robust Barrel Temperature Control
TECH 11 Software Advances Extruder Temperature Control
Fermentation and Biochemical
AN304 MANTRA for Fermentation Facility Using Coordinated Controller
EM01-10-06 MANTRA—Dissolved Oxygen & Fermentation Control
EM09-15-03 MANTRA—Bio Chemical Process Control
TECH 13 A Model Way to Control Fermentation
Food and Beverage
TECH 14 MPC for Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
AN 321 MANTRA—Advanced Process Controllers Improve
Temperature Control for Cooking Stations
AN302 MANTRA for Glassmaking Forehearth Control
AN303 MANTRA for Temperature Maintenance & Fuel Flow in Glass Furnace
Performance Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
AN105 INTUNE—Evaluate Process Performance Using Graphics & Statistics
EM05-26-05 INTUNE—Is Your Plant Performance Getting A Passing Grade?
TECH 15 Using KPI in Prioritizing Loop Maintenance
TECH 17 A New Way to Think About Control Loops
TECH 18 Prioritize Loop Maintenance
TECH 19 What Asset Management Can Do for You!
TECH 20 Keeping An Eye on the Process: Understand Key Indicators
pH and ORP
AN319 MANTRA for Scrubber pH & Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) Control
AN320 MANTRA—Challenges of pH Control
EM08-08-01 PROJECTS—Solving the Problem of pH Control
EM08-19-02 MANTRA—Neutralizing pH is Common but Can Be Difficult
EM07-19-05 MANTRA—Scrubber pH and Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) Control
PID Tuning
TECH 22 Loop Optimization Series
EM12-12-06 Tuning Your Loops Will Eliminate Wasted Product (Part 1 of a Series)
EM01-10-07 Tuning Your Loops Will Save Wear and Tear (Part 2 of a Series)
EM01-30-07 Tuning Your Loops Will Save On Startup Costs (Part 3 of a Series)
EM05-10-04 INTUNE—Why Adaptive Tuning?
DS405 PID Loop Tuning Tips Pocket Guide, Version 5
DS501 Tuning Rules for PI and PID
TECH 02 Autotune Technology Optimizes Loops Without Process Upsets
TECH 05 Model-Based Technology Helps Tune PID Loops
TECH 08 PID Software Ups Ante with Diagnostics, Breaks Ground with Adaptive Tuning
TECH 10 Robust PID Tuning Using IMC Technology - Parts 1 and 2
TECH 12 Some Basic Approaches for Self-Tuning Controllers
TECH 16 Tuning Cascade Loops
Pulp and Paper
AN317 MANTRA for Rotating Lime Kilns
Water and Wastewater
AN301 MANTRA for Drinking Water Treatment
AN311 MANTRA Coordinated Control for Chlorination Station
AN318 MANTRA for Chlorination and De-Chlorination Control, WWTP
AN323 MANTRA—Increasing the Efficiency of Membrane Process in Wastewater Treatment
EM08-27-01 MANTRA—Chlorination Control WWTP
EM05-24-02 MANTRA—Keeping Chlorine Discharge Residual at the Desired Level
EM03-16-05 MANTRA—De-Chlorination at Wastewater Treatment Plant

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