INTUNE+ Control Loop Performance Monitoring

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  • Comprehensive performance analysis
  • Customized diagnostics for plant-specific indices
  • Customized web-based reporting and event notification
  • Automatic, adaptive, model-based, and offline tuning

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INTUNE®+ Control Loop Performance Monitoring (CLPM) software is a non-intrusive plant management and process control predictive maintenance tool that combines process control monitoring with powerful diagnostic and tuning features to help plants:


INTUNE+ software includes over 80 standard process measures with real-time moving window analysis and condition-based assessment. Much more than just a number cruncher that pulls data from a historical file, the INTUNE+ performance indices feature allows you to start and stop calculations based on shifts or batches, reset error calculations based on operator mode changes, or trigger entire sets of calculations based on alarm states—all in real time. The conditioning triggers can be based on any INTUNE or I/O tag addresses that can be read via INTUNE's OPC client.

The real-time analysis uses moving windows customizable to user-specified length (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months), ensuring the calculations use the most up-to-date information. And, since INTUNE also stands as its own OPC server, it's no problem to connect other OPC clients to INTUNE's rich assortment of assessment indices. With INTUNE, you get intelligent process assessment that is customized to your specific needs for each and every process loop.

Custom Key Performance indicators (KPI's) and Diagnostics

Use INTUNE+ software to report on any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you require. With INTUNE+, you can finally complete your process control predictive maintenance program by going beyond the device level. Differentiate between hardware and tuning problems with functional, flexible, and customizable tools that truly put you in control.

To complement its standard statistics feature, INTUNE+ also provides a diagnostic scripting tool for the creation of user-defined metrics and KPI's. This flexible scripting tool allows you to turn raw data and statistics into useful metrics that managers can use to optimize their process control.


This sample script includes custom functions for calculating process waste, energy cost, loop tuning quality, and assessment indices for the specific process.

With the scripting feature you can:

Each script gives the user complete freedom in its development and design, using up to ten input addresses from any INTUNE+, I/O, or user-defined tag. Script outputs can be floats, integers, Boolean values, strings, or bitmap images that are easily incorporated into INTUNE+'s customizable, web-based reports or can be used elsewhere as special event triggers, reset or fault bits, or alarms. With so much flexibility in their creation and design, the INTUNE+ custom performance measures are a tremendous support to any process control predictive maintenance scheme.

KPI Trending

Here's a look at the KPI Trending module in action. Its adjustable scaling and color-coded labels for all trends make identifying and tracking key performance areas an easy task.

Once critical performance info is calculated, INTUNE+ provides a variety of ways to visualize and understand these metrics. One way that INTUNE+ makes metrics visible and understandable is by trending them over time with the KPI Trending feature.

Now plant personnel can track higher level unit and process performance information in real time as easily as they track process variables in the HMI or historian. This trending module is a powerful analysis tool for any tech, engineer, or manager; it provides a user-friendly alternative to performing hours of side-by-side report comparisons.

Examples of metrics that can be tracked include:


Sample configuration dialog for the Event Server.

Automatic Event Notification

The customizable capabilities of the Event Server tool provide users a crucial element in process control predictive maintenance. Notify operators, engineers, maintenance personnel, shift managers, and/or plant managers via email the instant an alarm is reached or another user-defined event occurs. Automatically record the event to your system's event log while notifying the appropriate employees. Each event is user-specified, and the initiating address can be read from any INTUNE or I/O tag.

The Event Server realizes its greatest potential when used as part of a predictive maintenance scheme that includes notifying appropriate personnel before alarm levels are reached, when loop quality becomes less than acceptable, or when the costs of energy or raw material waste exceed certain pre-defined limits. Customize the event notification so that the right personnel (maintenance, operators, engineers, or managers) get the right notifications without receiving extra clutter. Customized reports can also be generated and sent along with the email notification. As with the Diagnostic Script tool, the Event Server lets you fully customize your INTUNE+ software to truly put you in control of your process.

Tuning and Simulation

To help correct loop quality problems, INTUNE+ retains its core structure of robust Tuning Tools, including its auto tuning, heuristic-based adaptive tuning, offline data tuning, and offline model-based tuning. Also included is a PID comparison tool, along with a variety of online and offline process and PID simulation features. See INTUNE Tuning Tools section below for more details on these powerful problem correction tools.

Web Based Performance Reporting

Tying all the performance improvement functionality together is INTUNE+ reporting, which features customizable, web-based reports that provide what you need, when you need it—for corporate engineers, plant managers, or maintenance teams.

Reports can also be customized to visually indicate tuning quality or plant performance, saving busy managers and operators from the hassle of decoding obscure numbers and sorting through statistics. INTUNE+ also has a web report server, which allows managers access to all reports generated for a plant or corporation, with the ability to sort reports by date and time, category, or keyword.

INTUNE+ quickly locates poor performance

INTUNE+ quickly locates poor performance.

  INTUNE+ Identifies main inhibitors to poor performance

INTUNE®+ identifies main contributors to poor performance.

Control Valve Diagnostics

In addition to the proper design and tuning of control loops, the performance of any loop depends on the performance of final elements. In process industries, control valves are the prevalent final element, and can significantly influence the performance of a control loop. Variability caused by control valves is very difficult to regulate without proper diagnosis.

Using our Valve Diagnostics plugin, you can detect and diagnose poor control valve performance -- before the degradation becomes critical.