MANTRA’s Coordinated Control (CC) function block is a predictive model-based controller that decouples the interaction of multiple manipulated variables with a single process variable. This advanced function block is used singularly or in multiples to optimize the burning of multiple fuels or to optimize the allocation of multiple boilers.

The goal of the CC block is two-fold: reject any disturbances to the process and optimize the controller outputs during long-term steady state control.

  • Implemented with a multiple-fuel boiler the CC block maximizes the burning of lower cost fuel while maintaining the boiler performance and efficiency. Fuel rates react dynamically to maintain the boiler performance targets through disturbances. When performance is at steady state, the CC block optimizes the use of lower cost fuels without disturbing boiler performance.
  • Implemented with multiple boilers the CC block allocates the total plant steam demand between the various boilers based on minimum costs while observing boiler constraints. Boiler load allocation reacts dynamically to meet the total demand. When the plant demand has reached steady state, the CC block optimizes the boiler allocation without disturbance to the plant system.
  • The MANTRA Advanced Control System can be applied on your existing control system and HMI, minimizing engineering and eliminating operator training.