INTUNE and INTUNE+ Software v7.0

ControlSoft is excited to announce the release of INTUNE and INTUNE+ Software v7.0, which includes the following enhancements:

  • OPC UA Data Driver – Easily connect to OPC UA server to access data.
  • OSIsoft PI Data Driver – Easily connect to OSIsoft PI server to access data.
  • OSIsoft PI Data Import – Easily connect to PI AF SDK to access historical data in DataTune plugin.
  • DCOM Security – Modified OPC DCOM security to use Packet Integrity option for Workspace and Server OPC DA data communication.
  • Historian – Enhanced data request handling and performance as well as process auto-recovery and auto-restart for robustness.
  • Tuning Algorithm – Changed tuning formulas to improve PID terms for time-constant dominant non-integrating processes.
  • CLPM WebUI Updates – A new WebUI is available to connect to a CLPM project after it is completed and deployed. This WebUi provides a clear and concise view of loop performance.

For detailed information, please see the INTUNE Software v7.0.0.2 Release Notes, publication MN112A-EN, included with the software download.