MANTRA Advanced Process Control

MANTRA Software v5.6

ControlSoft is excited to announce the release of MANTRA Software v5.6 which includes the following user interface and tool enhancements:

  • Block Execution Sequence Tool – The Block Execution Sequence dialog has been updated with new
    features and usability enhancements.
  • Block Parameter Watch Windows – Block-specific Watch Windows now have the block name removed from all block parameters for better readability. The block name is now part of the window title instead.
  • Project Watch Window Tabs – The last selected Watch Window tab is now saved in the project. When re-opening the Watch Window, the tab is automatically restored and selected.
  • Input/Output Connector Traversals – Additional functionality has been added for Input and Output Connector Block traversals.
  • Online Monitor and Offline Block Parameter Modes – Online Monitor mode is now distinguishable from Offline mode in block diagrams.
  • Block Diagram Selection Dialog – The Dialog to select a block diagram has been expanded for better visibility of project names and diagram lists.
  • Module Versioning – Module and project versions are reported more consistently with additional information in the Help -> About dialog.

For detailed information, please see the MANTRA Software v5.6.0.1 Release Notes, publication MN338A-EN, included with the software download.

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