Applying PID Control to Non-linear Processes

Matt Petras, Alireza (Ali) HajiValizadeh
August 30, 2023
Control Engineering:

Cascaded PID Control of Tank Outlet Temperature

Tuning Cascade Loops

AdaptTune Third Recommendation

Derivative Tuning for PID Control

PID Tuning Objectives and Considerations

Bumpless Transfer

What’s all the fuss about Bumpless Transfer?

Variable Frequency Drives

Save Money with Good VFD Process Control

Realize Energy and Cost Savings The use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) in flow control applications is gaining in popularity and eroding the hegemony of traditional control valves. Energy efficiency […]


Integrating Environmental Process Controls and Combustion Control for NOx Emissions Reduction

Alireza (Ali) HajiValizadeh
December 22, 2015


The case against lambda tuning – Understand the Framework of Using Internal Model-Based Control (IMC) to Come Up With PID Parameters

Tien-Li Chia
July 30, 2012