MANTRA Advanced Process Control

MANTRA Software v5.6

ControlSoft is excited to announce the release of MANTRA Software v5.6 which includes the following user interface and tool enhancements:

  • Block Execution Sequence Tool – The Block Execution Sequence dialog has been updated with new
    features and usability enhancements.
  • Block Parameter Watch Windows – Block-specific Watch Windows now have the block name removed from all block parameters for better readability. The block name is now part of the window title instead.
  • Project Watch Window Tabs – The last selected Watch Window tab is now saved in the project. When re-opening the Watch Window, the tab is automatically restored and selected.
  • Input/Output Connector Traversals – Additional functionality has been added for Input and Output Connector Block traversals.
  • Online Monitor and Offline Block Parameter Modes – Online Monitor mode is now distinguishable from Offline mode in block diagrams.
  • Block Diagram Selection Dialog – The Dialog to select a block diagram has been expanded for better visibility of project names and diagram lists.
  • Module Versioning – Module and project versions are reported more consistently with additional information in the Help -> About dialog.

For detailed information, please see the MANTRA Software v5.6.0.1 Release Notes, publication MN338A-EN, included with the software download.

For more help with advanced techniques for process control strategies beyond basic PID control, including cascade control, override control, gain scheduling, feedforward compensation, and model-based control, consider our Advanced Process Control Techniques training.


INTUNE PID Tuning Tools and INTUNE+ CLPM Software v7.0

ControlSoft, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of INTUNE PID Loop Tuning Tools and INTUNE+ CLPM Software v7.0. INTUNE PID Tuning Tools includes robust auto-tuning and advisory adaptive-tuning tools that minimize the effort needed to optimally tune your PID controllers. INTUNE+ CLPM Software is a non-intrusive plant management and process control predictive maintenance tool that combines process control monitoring with powerful diagnostic and tuning features.

INTUNE v7.0 includes enhanced tuning formulas to improve PID terms for time-constant dominant non-integrating processes. Improvement is pronounced for slow dynamics.

Figure 1 – Adaptive Tuning

Adaptive Tuning

In addition, INTUNE v7.0 also includes the following updates:

  • OSIsoft PI Data Driver that easily connects to a OSIsoft PI server to access data.
  • OSIsoft PI Data Import that easily connect to PI AF SDK to access historical data in INTUNE’s DataTune plugin. You can map process datapoints to PI historical tags (PV, SP, CO, Mode).
  • Server and Tag Browsers that can be integrated with other data drivers including OPC DA and OPC UA.

INTUNE+ CLPM v7.0 includes all the INTUNE v7.0 updates, as well as a new WebUI. You can connect this WebUI to an INTUNE+ CLPM project after it is completed and deployed for a clear and concise view of loop performance.

Figure 2 – INTUNE+ CLPM WebUI


For detailed information, please see the INTUNE Software v7.0.0.2 Release Notes, publication MN112A-EN, included with the software download.

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