ControlSoft Awarded Weatherhead 2016

ControlSoft Honored with Seventh Weatherhead 100 Award for Growth

In December 2016, ControlSoft was once again named one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. The Weatherhead 100 awards are the premier celebration of Northeast Ohio’s leading companies.

ControlSoft Wins Weatherhead 2016

ControlSoft PID Tuning Pocket Guide

Updated PID Loop Tuning Pocket Guide Now Available

We’ve updated our PID Loop Tuning Pocket Guide to help you better understand the types of PID loops, how to tune Closed, Open and Cascade loops, and we’ve included parameters for the more common PID controllers used in plants today. By investing in tuning your PID loops (temperature, level, pressure and flow), your control loops will operate efficiently, rather than just being functional.


Integrating Environmental Process Controls and Combustion Control for NOx Emissions Reduction

Alireza (Ali) HajiValizadeh
December 22, 2015


The case against lambda tuning – Understand the Framework of Using Internal Model-Based Control (IMC) to Come Up With PID Parameters

Tien-Li Chia
July 30, 2012

InTech Magazine

Keeping an eye on the process

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May 1, 2006
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Loop assessment is a great way to boost overall plant performance

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January 4, 2006


Using Key Process Indicators in Prioritizing Control Loop Maintenance Activities

Alireza (Ali) HajiValizadeh
October 25-27, 2005
Presented at ISA EXPO 2005